Blogging Rubric

Thanks to Kim Confino I have come across this Blogging Rubric that I will use with the children in my class.

Do you use a rubric with your class? I recently read that using a rubric with children is a powerful tool as it makes the learning explicit and it can also show a child where they are at and more importantly where they can go.

It also fits in nicely with our school’s  WALT and WILT approach.

The ‘We are learning to’ and the ‘What I’m looking for’.  Continue reading


I am new to blogging and creating a class blog. I recently looked at Kathleen Mc Greedy’s class blog for some ideas. I liked her boomerang stories. The class used slide share to publish them onto the blog. Thank you Kathleen for your ideas. The children in my class definitely enjoyed writing and publishing our stories.
Next we are going to learn about commenting and how this this done correctly in a blog.
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