Why you should visit us?

This post is for Challenge 1 for the Edublog Challenge.

We think you should visit our class blog because…

  • you will find out what we are learning and how we are learning.
  • you can find out about where we live in Australia.
  • we like to use lots of web 2.0 tools  to publish our work and make the blog  interesting.
  • we like  to share ideas and different experiences.
  • we  link to other class blogs we like.


We are new to blogging and are very excited to be part of the Edublog Challenge.  An opportunity to make connections share ideas and learn how to become better bloggers.

Edublog Blogging Challenge

Our Teacher has entered our class blog into the Edublog Blogging Challenge. This is a great idea and challenges you to various tasks to make you a better blogger. As we have just started our blog we are very excited and keen to see other class and student blogs from around the world. As you can see from the Edublog button we are very keen to get better at blogging and making quality comments.


There are 10 weekly tasks all designed to improve blogging and commenting skills while connecting students with a global audience. You can see the challenges at Challenge Yourself to Blog and also have a look at some of the different blogs out there.

This weeks challenge is to leave a comment on the Challenge blog to explain three interesting things about our class and to comment on other blogs. As we are on holidays our teacher has started but we will be busy commenting on blogs when we return to school in a weeks time.

We are very excited to be part of this challenge. We are looking forward to writing comments on other blogs and seeing all the great ideas out there. Happy Blogging everyone.

Grade 1/2W is on Holidays.

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

Wow what a busy term we had. All that work on ‘Our Place in Space’. All the school visits, excursions, newspaper articles, starting our class blog and logging onto the Ultranet.


Next term we are looking forward to…

Working with our MTSIE students on our ‘Waterworld’ unit.

Visiting Eaglehawk P.S ‘Stephanie Alexander Kitchen’ and growing our own vegetables.

Working and learning together with the merger schools.

Learning and making connections on the Ultranet

Getting better at blogging and writing quality comments.


Term 4 starts Monday October 4th, Out focus this term is ‘On time and on task’.
See you at 8.45 ready to learn.

What are your holiday plans?

What did you enjoy about term 3?

What will be your goals for next term?

Have you made a comment on someone’s blog?

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

The Ultranet Has Landed


This week was the last week of Term 3 and it was a very busy week. Not only did we have a maths challenge to earn 1000 points on Mathletics we also started to explore the Ultranet. Yes thats right, on Thursday we set up our accounts and started to log on! Ms Woodward is very excitied about the Ultranet and its potential. There will be so many opportunities to be creative and collaborate with other students and classes from across Victoria. Ms Woodward was very pleased to find out that some children had even explored the Ultranet at home and shown their parents their profile which they had edited without any help or direction! Grade 1/2 is looking forward to exploring the Ultranet in Term 4. We are excited to see how we will use it to learn, create, reflect and make connections.


Are you excited about the Ultranet? How do you see yourself using it?

Mathletics Challenge

I was reading 2Km’s blog yesterday and there was a challenge by their teacher Miss McGeady. She was challenging all her class to earn a Mathletics certificate this week.


Here is the challenge.

There is going to be a special challenge for all students in Grade 1-2 Hub this week. The challenge is for every single student to earn a Mathletics certificate!

Ms Woodward is challenging all the students to have their best week of Mathletics ever!

To be awarded a certificate…

* You need to earn 1000 points to receive a Bronze Certificate.

* To receive a Silver Certificate you need to earn five Bronze Certificates.

* To receive a Gold Certificate you need to earn four Silver Certificates.

So, whenever you have some spare time at school or at home this week…use Mathletics!

Stay tuned for results of our Mathletics challenge!

This post comes from 2kmblog a big thank you for the idea.

Let’s see if our class can do the same!

Good Luck everyone!


We are serious about getting our handwriting better with correct sizing and exit points and we have been working really hard at getting this right.
Today even our pet rabbit ‘Midnight’ was exhausted from all the concentration and hard work.
Take a look at the photos below to see for yourself. Well done everybody on your hard work.

Bendigo Weekly & Bendigo Advertiser

A few weeks ago we had a visit from Mrs Buckland who is passionate about all things to do with space.
She showed us many objects that astronauts use in space, such as space food, spacesuits and even space nappies! Recently the visit was reported in both the Bendigo Weekly and the Bendigo Advertiser. The article in Bendigo weekly was even written by two of our Year 6 pupils who attended the presentation. How clever is that. Well done to by Elouise Haley, 12 and Harrison Bowley, 11, the Comet Hill Primary School captains who wrote the article and a big congratulations to all the children involved in the visit. Thank you to Mrs Knight for organising the visit and also to Mr Griffin, representative of the Federal Government’s Smarter Schools Project operating in the Eaglehawk area, who made this presentation possible.

Please read the articles below by clicking on the pictures


school visit

Literacy and Numeracy Week

Book Week is the longest running children’s festival in Australia, celebrating its 65th birthday in 2010. This festival increases awareness of and celebrates Australian authors and illustrators. This year’s theme was “Across the Story Bridge“. A special mention to Mrs Mullen’s group who decorated the art room with bridges on Thursday. This week we were inspired by book ‘Kip’ a story about a rooster who proves too noisey for his neighbours. Look at the pictures below to see the wonderful roosters we made.