Mathletics Challenge

I was reading 2Km’s blog yesterday and there was a challenge by their teacher Miss McGeady. She was challenging all her class to earn a Mathletics certificate this week.


Here is the challenge.

There is going to be a special challenge for all students in Grade 1-2 Hub this week. The challenge is for every single student to earn a Mathletics certificate!

Ms Woodward is challenging all the students to have their best week of Mathletics ever!

To be awarded a certificate…

* You need to earn 1000 points to receive a Bronze Certificate.

* To receive a Silver Certificate you need to earn five Bronze Certificates.

* To receive a Gold Certificate you need to earn four Silver Certificates.

So, whenever you have some spare time at school or at home this week…use Mathletics!

Stay tuned for results of our Mathletics challenge!

This post comes from 2kmblog a big thank you for the idea.

Let’s see if our class can do the same!

Good Luck everyone!

5 thoughts on “Mathletics Challenge

  1. Dear Ms Woodward and class,

    I think it is terrific that you’re doing a Mathletics Challenge too! I hope everyone in your class gets a certificate! I think everyone in 2KM will get a certificate as they have all been working very hard. You can check out our results post on Monday!

    Good luck and have fun!
    Miss McGeady

  2. What a great idea Mrs Woodward- lots of clever Mathematicians in 1/2 W.. I am sure that printer will be running hot printing certificates!
    Can teachers join in too? Mrs Costello.

  3. Dear Miss W,

    I’m glad I’m in the blog challenge. I am sure I will like all the challenges. I like our blog too.

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