Using Images in Blog Posts

This is a post for the Edublog challenge #5.

This week write two posts about using images in blogs.

  • Why should we use images? How do images improve your blog?
  • How do you add images to your blog?
  • Where do you get your images?
  • How do you add the attribution?

Having a blog has given us a world wide audience and we just love reading comments  made to our blog and keeping the conversation going with a quality comment. There are many ways to make what you say on the blog interesting and engaging. The use of links, videos and widgets such as voki and slideshare are a great way to be creative and share ideas.

Another way to make sure the reader is involved and engaged is to use images. Being a visual learner myself I am always appreciative if I see an image as it helps me to see the bigger picture. Don’t forget a picture tells a thousand words!

Now this is the important part. Did you know that you can’t just use any image in your blog post?

You can use pictures that you make or take yourself BUT images on the internet that someone else have photographed or drawn are protected by COPYRIGHT. Using someone else’s work without their permission is called ‘copyright infringement’ and you can get in trouble for this.

However some people are happy to share their work and use their images in a blog as long as you attribute who originally created it. One such place is Creative Commons. This is an organisation that gives out licenses for people to share their work. So you can use images with a creative commons license in your blog as long as you attribute the image. This means that under the image you say who made it AND where it came from.

One website that offers images with a Creative Commons license is FlickrCC.

Image: ‘Water is Life‘

Another easy way to find images that you can use in your blog post is do an advanced search in Google Images. The advanced search filter has  a drop down menu where you can select ‘labelled for reuse’. You can use these images in your blog post too.

Your challenge for this week grade 1/2 is to find an image in FlickrCC to use to create a ‘Water for life’ poster that you will attribute. These posters will be made into a slideshow to share on our class blog.

Also visit these great blogs that have written on adding images to blogs.

Some fantastic ideas and important guidelines to always remember when adding images to your blog.

Kath McGeady

Miss Wyatt

Sue Waters

Stay tuned for the next post which will be a tutorial on how to insert and attribute an image onto the class blog.

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  2. Dear Mswoodward
    I really like the water cycle song we sang on ‘we have talent’.
    Do you know whyIi likethe water cycle song?

    From Sinead

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