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This post is for Edublog Challenge 6

We have started our inquiry unit ‘Dirty Fingers and Green Thumbs’. We were very excited to visit Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden at Eaglehawk Primary School. They have a gardener that works three days a week and a kitchen attached to the school where the children at the school cook all the gorgeous fruit, vegetables and herbs they have grown and prepared. We explored the garden and Brain the gardener asked us to tell him the most interesting thing we saw. Then we explored the garden exploring our sense of smell. Many of us liked rosemary and lemon thyme. Some said they didn’t like the smell of the Scarecrow and Brian told us this was because it was next to the compost! We saw lots of new plants and vegetables and returned to school inspired to grow our own vegetables. Stay tuned for photos of our visit.

What was your favourite vegetable that you discovered on our excursion? Please answer the poll below.

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  1. Dear Mswoodward

    I cant wait to see the are beautiful garden. I will see you at school .

    Can you wait to see the garden?


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