Education week

On Monday the 16th May 2011, we wore red, read lots of books and sent up red balloons for Education week. These balloons had a special message for who ever found the balloon to let us know of its whereabouts by telling us on the Balloon Launch Blog.

6 thoughts on “Education week

  1. Dear class,

    My favourite part was when we sang at Grandparents Day.
    I was excited to sing and there were a lot of people.
    I liked when we launched our balloons it was really fun. I accidently let my balloon go before every one else and all you could see were little red dots in the sky.

    From Cooper

  2. Dear Ms Woodward’s Class,

    It looks like you had a great Education Week at your school. I love the idea of the red balloon. I hope someone finds one of your balloon and gets in contact with you.

    I wonder if someone will find Cooper’s first, seeing he let it go before everyone else? hehe

    Mrs A 🙂

  3. Dear Ms Woodward,

    I liked what you said about Education Week.
    My favourite part was when everyone let their balloon
    go. What was your favourite part.

    From cooper

  4. Dear Mrs Alexander,

    Thank you for commenting on our blog. We had so much fun during Education Week. We have even had three balloons that have been found! We are still waiting to see if someone finds Cooper’s.


    Ms Woodward

  5. Hello 1/2 W
    I really enjoyed reading your comments on the balloon launch day- have anyone found any more balloons?
    Would you like to send your Blog addrress to Mr Dean Shirley at DEECD Regional Office so that he can have a look too?
    Mrs Costello

  6. Hi Ms Woodward
    I showed my mum & dad our class blog tonight they think it is cool.
    This is a fantastic blog (dad)
    I think this is wonderful for the kids and parents so much you can learn together in a controlled enviroment well done you all should be proud (mum)

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