School Holidays

School Holidays are nearly here.

A Question For Families: How Did You Spend Your Holidays?

This blog post is for families and anyone else who would like to comment!

In Victoria, we only have one more week of school left before the holidays and it has been a very busy term.
We will all be looking forward to relaxing and recharging before the start of another busy Term.


How did you spend your holidays when you went to school?

What has been your favourite holiday?

Have you ever travelled overseas to far and interesting places?

What have you got in mind to do this coming holiday?

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We would love to hear your stories.

Families and friends please leave us a comment!

Thanks to 2KM and 2KJ for the idea

2 thoughts on “School Holidays

  1. On the holidays.

    On the holidays I went to the zone and we had to sign in and then we got paper bands.
    Then I went roller skating it was fun because the skating
    floor goes around in circles. Next I went in the laser zone and my team won! When I got out I entered a dancing competition. It was on my cousins and me and we won.
    I won a golden metal it was really heavy because
    it’s big. Next I went home and then the next night I went to see Transforms Dark of the Moon, it was funny. After we went to see the movie I went on the games they were fun too. Then the other night I went to a birthday party at KFC it was tasty after the party I went to see my uncle in Melbourne he took me motor bike riding.

    By Tylor

  2. On the weekend Chloe and I played
    with us.
    Chloe and Brianna and mum we all went to the movies. We had popcorn and ice cream.
    By Alice

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