Click, Clack, Moo

Watch the video below and discuss if the cows should have electric blankets. How do you think the cows were feeling? How was the farmer feeling? What was clever about the ducks?

Rewrite the story. Consider paragraphs, full stops and time connectives.

Film Animations

Today some of the students had their first go at creating a film animation. We talked about creativity and how we can be creative in the classroom. Tylor and Cooper were creative when they worked together, shared ideas, reflected on what was working and they had fun! Its fun being engaged and creative. Lizard Day_Tylor_Cooper by cdbri1

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

Our Skype Interview

It was an exciting morning on Thursday as we were expecting our first Skype phone call and interview.

Our Inquiry Unit is looking at ‘How schools have changed from the past?’
So we took the opportunity to interview Grandparents about their memories and accounts of school in the past.

Before our Skype Interview we needed to organise and think of some questions. We worked in groups to come up with as many questions we could think of. As a class we bundled these questions looking at common themes emerging such as punishment/dress code/transport and the school curriculum.

Before our Sykpe session we also assigned some special roles to students.

Thomas started the session by introducing the class and asking the first question.

Ella was our typist and recorded all the answers.

Jessica filmed the session.

Our Sykpe Interview

Watch our video below