Last Saturday I played footy for U12s North Bendigo and U14s North Bendigo. In U12s North Bendigo vs Holy Rosary. North Bendigo bet Holy Rosary by 49 points. It was a good game! North Bendigo bet Marong by 30 points. North Bendigo won both games in U12s and U14s. It was a good weekend for footy in Bendigo!

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Careers Project 2012

 On the  16th of  May 2012 our group of nine Lightning Reef and Eaglehawk students when to Motherson Elastamers were we were taught about rubber and how rubber was made and there was three main ingredients to put in to the mixture. The ingredients are Natural rubber that came from rubber trees, Carbon black and Oil. They get rubber of the rubber trees by doing a thing called taping. Taping is were they put a slit in the tree and then the resin from the rubber trees drips into a cup and that’s how they tap a rubber tree. The good thing was everyone enjoyed themselves.    

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T-Shirt Design & Print Part 1

Today, we went with Ms. Tracey to the city to go to the Meadow. First, we were sitting on the stairs, chatting & Ms. Tracey gave us a book and pencil for ideas and for drawing.

Next, we went to The Meadow and we went to different shops like COTTON ON so we can get some ideas, imagination & inspiration to put in our books & on our t-shirts.

After that, we went to The Meadow but it’s closed so we sit down on the bench (some of them were sitting down on the ground) & we draw some ideas to our books.

Then, Ms. Tracey introduces us to Kane who is the owner of the shop. He showed us around the shop and shows us some of his t-shirts & his printed designs.

In a while, we ask him some questions & walk around his shop.

Finally, we say good-bye to Kane and we wait for the bus & went back to our school.

The End.