Tylore’s Story




I keep Raging but sometimes I win a lot.


It all started last year just before my Birthday…… I get LBP2 and then I got LBP because of the Welcome Back Paguestege. The first thing I did was do the Campaign but when I got to the LAST BOSS FIGHT I kept LOZING so I stop playing. A few months later I came back and I beat the whole game (YES!) but right now i got a Problem! You see im in the Campaign of LBP and im in the JAPAN levels. Im on the boss for the JAPAN levels but i keep Lozing……… if only i had another controller (LBP and LBP2 are just on PS3).



By Tylore

Jackson’s Holiday

Broom broom that’s the car roaring ready to go to Melbourne. It was a long trip but I’m use to it because I go to Melbourne a lot. In the car there was Harry Vicki Mum and I. Vicki is my mum’s friend and we are also in Vicki’s car. Harry and I are going to stay at are nans house for a while. Vicki and Mum are going to stay in adilade to relax.
When harry and I got to nan’s Mum and Vicki stayed for a nice cup of tea. When Mum and Vicki left it’s going to be a bit boring but at least I can watch auster and go to the shops. And get some DVD’S and watch a few movies
But I still felt bored. Harry was mad because he was bored Harry kept saying “I’m bored I’m bored”. But that night we had an awesome tea we had hot chilli fish, mash
Potato and vegies,
Nan decided Harry and I needed new shoes so we went out to the shops to get new shoes. When we got there we first went to Kmart and they had good shoes but I looked and looked until I found slip on shoes that fit me
But Harry was mad because he wanted to go to EB games.