Tylore’s Story




I keep Raging but sometimes I win a lot.


It all started last year just before my Birthday…… I get LBP2 and then I got LBP because of the Welcome Back Paguestege. The first thing I did was do the Campaign but when I got to the LAST BOSS FIGHT I kept LOZING so I stop playing. A few months later I came back and I beat the whole game (YES!) but right now i got a Problem! You see im in the Campaign of LBP and im in the JAPAN levels. Im on the boss for the JAPAN levels but i keep Lozing……… if only i had another controller (LBP and LBP2 are just on PS3).



By Tylore

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  1. MGB here!

    This is my post so if you want the post to turn into a video please tell me on twitter @GTWRAWBLOXX.


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