Foundation @ Lightning Reef

Welcome to a new school year. After nearly six weeks of summer holidays, it is time to head back to school feeling refreshed and excited. After two years teaching in the senior Department at Lightning Reef, I am thrilled to be teaching the Foundation Years. It is going to be an exciting year as we learn and integrate all this tech and make use of our iPAD programme.

I am certain all the students in Foundation will learn a lot in 2014 and enjoy being part of a wonderful classroom community. I am excited to get the class blog up and running again and this blog will be a big part of our classroom program. I can’t wait to teach all the students all about blogging. Miss Jodi’s class will be learning with the students in Mrs Baeck’s class, in a big double classroom. Together, we are going to have a fantastic year. We are going to love integrating and learning through all thing tech.


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