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Welcome to a new school year. After nearly six weeks of summer holidays, it is time to head back to school feeling refreshed and excited. After two years teaching in the senior Department at Lightning Reef, I am thrilled to be teaching the Foundation Years. It is going to be an exciting year as we learn and integrate all this tech and make use of our iPAD programme.

I am certain all the students in Foundation will learn a lot in 2014 and enjoy being part of a wonderful classroom community. I am excited to get the class blog up and running again and this blog will be a big part of our classroom program. I can’t wait to teach all the students all about blogging. Miss Jodi’s class will be learning with the students in Mrs Baeck’s class, in a big double classroom. Together, we are going to have a fantastic year. We are going to love integrating and learning through all thing tech.


Online Etiquette and Legal Responsibilities

Online Etiquette and your Legal Responsibilities

Important Guidelines

There are so many ways to communicate electronically today. Email, Social Media, Twitter and Blogs to name a few. It is so important to be aware of online etiquette and your responsibilities when communicating online. It is also important to be aware that some forms of communicating are illegal and could get the author into BIG trouble.

When it comes to Blogs, the owner is the administrator and is responsible for approving any comments before they can be published. This means that if any negative or inappropriate comments are posted, the administrator WILL NOT publish these comments. In fact the exercise of writing such comments becomes a little fruitless, as no such comments will see the light of the internet.

What is also very important to remember when writing comments online, anything that is inappropriate or offensive can be forwarded onto the POLICE for further investigation. It is also important to note that passing yourself off as some else, by creating an email account in another person’s name, is a CRIME. It is called IDENTITY THEFT.

Please note that every time someone makes a comment, their unique IP address is included and this IP address gives the POLICE the name and address of the account holder. Wireless, Dial up, ADSL and Smart phone accounts all have an unique IP address.

So remember to think about what you write online. Keep it as positive, polite, friendly and respectful as you would offline.

When communicating within online learning systems you are expected to follow the same standards of behaviour as you would in a classroom situation and obey the rules of online etiquette:

Never use language that could be found offensive. Never attack others personally
and don’t act in a way that could constitute harassment, bullying or discrimination.

So remember to think about what you write online. Keep it positive, polite, friendly and respectful









Click on this link to see what the Victorian Police have to say about Cyber bullying and harassment.

Click on this link to see what the Victorian Police have to say about Identity Theft



Last Saturday I played footy for U12s North Bendigo and U14s North Bendigo. In U12s North Bendigo vs Holy Rosary. North Bendigo bet Holy Rosary by 49 points. It was a good game! North Bendigo bet Marong by 30 points. North Bendigo won both games in U12s and U14s. It was a good weekend for footy in Bendigo!

By Anthony







by Football

School Holidays

School Holidays are nearly here.

A Question For Families: How Did You Spend Your Holidays?

This blog post is for families and anyone else who would like to comment!

In Victoria, we only have one more week of school left before the holidays and it has been a very busy term.
We will all be looking forward to relaxing and recharging before the start of another busy Term.


How did you spend your holidays when you went to school?

What has been your favourite holiday?

Have you ever travelled overseas to far and interesting places?

What have you got in mind to do this coming holiday?

Image: leaf dance

We would love to hear your stories.

Families and friends please leave us a comment!

Thanks to 2KM and 2KJ for the idea

A new School Year

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How exciting a new school year. A time for fresh starts, reflecting, goal setting and achieving our best.

Below is a wall wisher chart. You can post a sticky note on it. We will be spending some time thinking about and discussing our goals. I would like you to use the sticky note to post a comment.

What are your goals for this term?