Click, Clack, Moo

Watch the video below and discuss if the cows should have electric blankets. How do you think the cows were feeling? How was the farmer feeling? What was clever about the ducks?

Rewrite the story. Consider paragraphs, full stops and time connectives.

Our Weather Reports

We are looking at the weather this term in Grade 1/2W. We first spent some time talking about what we already knew about the weather and making a mind map of what we already knew. Then we thought about what we wanted to investigate as our project.

Today we looked at different types of weather and made a brief weather report.

Please lick on the link below to listen to our reports.

weather report

weather image

What do you like about the weather?

Do you like our weather reports?

Making Better Choices

At Lightning Reef we celebrate Making Better Choices.

Last term our focus was “On time and On task’ and it was very successful with all of the P-2 team visiting Lake Weroona for a picnic and a walk around the lake.

This Term our focus has been on “Following instructions the first time’.

The Making Better Choices celebration is coming up on June 15th and we will be playing lots of ‘Minute to Win It’ games in the bubble.
In the afternoon there will also be a concert with Skip. It’s going to be a great day of celebrating.
What game will you decide to participate in?

Have you played Minute to win it before?

Look at the videos below to see some of the activities on offer.

Ms Woodward is running this activity

Mrs Kolenaty will be running this activity

Sticky Situation

Stack Attack

Don’t forget you only have…A MINUTE TO WIN IT.