A new school year.

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The School holidays are nearly over and it is time for another exciting school year.

Ms Woodward is excited as this year  our school merges with another school and operates as one.

What a fantastic opportunity.  A perfect time to share ideas, set some new goals, reflect  and make new friends.

What will be your goals for this year and for this term?


Persuasive writing.

We are very lucky to have Susie the gardener working at our school.

She is helping us grow a healthy vegetable garden. Every Thursday we spend time with Susie in the garden helping her weed, water and plant new vegetables.
Last week we planted chocolate capsicums, chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries.

We also made a worm farm. They like dark conditions and lots of water.

So we thought we would write about why it is a good idea to have a a garden at school.  
This type of writing is called persuasive writing.
Have a look below.

Zowie’s Veggie Garden

Mackayla’s Veggie Garden

Sineads Veggie Garden

Coliban Water Visit

Today we had a visitor from Coliban Water, Mr. Rob Krober. In the sandpit, he showed us what the rivers in Bendigo look like and how Bendigo has changed!
I learnt that in the goldrush 150 years ago, the water was made very dirty so a pipeline was built to get fresh water to drink and use.
Whizzy’s Incredible Adventure taught us all about the journey of a raindrop. We call this the Water Cycle. The sun heats up the water on earth, it evaporates like steam up into the sky and then it turns into clouds, ready to fall down again! Wow!
Rob also showed us that in every bathroom, 35 10 Litre buckets get used on average every day – that’s 350 litres! Let’s start saving water by using our 4-minute sand timers in the shower.
I can’t wait for our excursion on Monday 18th of October to find out where our water comes from!

Mr. Logan.

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Edublog Blogging Challenge

Our Teacher has entered our class blog into the Edublog Blogging Challenge. This is a great idea and challenges you to various tasks to make you a better blogger. As we have just started our blog we are very excited and keen to see other class and student blogs from around the world. As you can see from the Edublog button we are very keen to get better at blogging and making quality comments.


There are 10 weekly tasks all designed to improve blogging and commenting skills while connecting students with a global audience. You can see the challenges at Challenge Yourself to Blog and also have a look at some of the different blogs out there.

This weeks challenge is to leave a comment on the Challenge blog to explain three interesting things about our class and to comment on other blogs. As we are on holidays our teacher has started but we will be busy commenting on blogs when we return to school in a weeks time.

We are very excited to be part of this challenge. We are looking forward to writing comments on other blogs and seeing all the great ideas out there. Happy Blogging everyone.